Supervising Editor

120 minutes
16 mm

This film was a combination of several interests of the artist Martin Sharp. He had paid for the the staging and filming of a non-stop singing marathon, performed by Tiny Tim and a seven piece orchestra, comprised of some of the best musicians in Sydney, under the leadership of Nathan Waks.

The concert was filmed by Russell Boyd, Tom Cowan, Michael Edols, and Mick Glasheen. Russell Boyd was the Director Of Photography.

The sound was recorded on a 24 track audio recorder supplied by the radio station 2JJ, which was decidedly cutting-edge recording technology at that time.

The concert was performed on the twelfth of January 1979 in the Floating Palais at Sydney’s Luna Park. On the ninth of June 1979 the Sydney Ghost Train Fire occurred with the death of seven people. The park was immediately closed-down.

Martin had a close relationship with Luna Park since his return to Australia in 1970. He and other artists had spent their own time and money restoring the 1930s artworks and decorations at the park and Martin had designed and constructed a new face for the entrance.

Because of this close involvement with the park he had inside knowledge about the true cause of the fire. This information became a complicating thread that was developed in the film: a thread that led the viewer through the Mirror-Maze, saw the minotaur slain, and brought them safely out the other side.